Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Counselling Puzzle IIT vs AIEEE vs BITSAT which one to go for??

Hello friends,
In few days all results of engineering entrance examinations will come out and after that
You all will get confused and tensed over which college to go , which branch to opt dilema.
So here's some help from my side to decide a better future for you.
There's always a tradeoff between the department and the college.
I will suggest you to prefer college over department,if the difference isn't very great (say Chemical in good one and Mechanical in other one).But prefer the department in case gap is quite large(say Computer Science in IIT hyderabad and Metallurgy in IIT Bombay). I know some might differ from this opinion.

The confusion b/w whether to go through JEE or AIEEE or BITSAT

Well if you are getting a good Department in BITS Pilani (say score >330 in BITSAT and JEE rank >5000) go for the BITS.Similarly if you can get Computer Science or Electronics in top 5 NIT's go for the NIT's or IIIT Hyderabad.


If you are getting

JEE rank 1-2000 : You have plenty of good options to go for. Try on getting the better IIT(it really feels surprising to write better IIT as all seven one(older) are the gems of our nation).
JEE rank 2000-3500: I will suggest look for a better department in IT BHU or the new IIT's
JEE rank above 3500 and AIEEE rank below 2000 or BITSAT score above 330 - Refer to my advice given above regarding this

AIEEE: Rank 1-5000 Go for IIIT hyderabad or top 5 NITS Comp Sc or ECE
RANK 5000-15000- NIT's, IIIT's Allahabad and Gwalior or may be LNMIIT(Seperate form has to be filled for it. Last date already gone).

Rank 15k-25k. Hope for civil or metallurgy in any NIT. Also fill form of NIRMA Ahmedabad and TIET Patiala. 

For rest of you there are choices like MITS laxmangarah(Girls only), KIIT bhubaneshwar, MGERI Chennai.

Also you can seek admission in some good colleges availble through SLEEE like RPET.
Anyone with BITSAT score above 270 can opt for M.Sc courses in BITS Pilani as they are good.

Monday, May 02, 2011

AIEEE 2011 Rank Predictor And Counselling Helpline

AIEEE 2011 Solutions and Rank Predictor

Going by the reaction of the students, the maths and chemistry were on easier side then the previous year, but physics was tough probably toughest in history of AIEEE .
The probable ranks this time could be as given under:
Predicted Rank


More than 310

For solutions check the link

Also for helping students in selecting the right college as per their marks in competitive exams I am starting a helpline. For students of Ajmer you can visit me @Triumph Academy during institute hours. For others you can call me up by sending me an email first on my emailid: yourssid@gmail.com and then fix the appropriate appointment.

NOTE: ALL those students who are getting marks in the range 120-150 should fill up the form of NIRMA universty .

THAPAR UNIVERSITY: Well students expecting rank between 15000-40000 can fill its form. For details check the link http://www.thapar.edu/topSubMenu.asp?masterId=1&id=26