Sunday, December 25, 2011


BITSAT  is a Computer based online test for Admission to Integrated First Degree Programmes of BITS Pilani Campuses in Pilani, Goa and Hyderabad. 
Application has to be filled online with fee of Rs1600 for male candidates and Rs1100 for female candidates.

Last date: 15 February'2012

For further information visit

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Khichdi of offline & online mode will ruin the AIEEE

Still I can't digest this mixing of online and offline mode for AIEEE by CBSE. Some fundamental questions I have in mind against this are stated as under
1.How can they come to a common merit list for students who have gave different papers consisting of different questions.?
Take for instance the students who got online date beyond 20 May, by the time they will give examination they have seen what was there in offline paper and what was there in online content also. In a way they can easily figure out what to expect in their paper and if carefully planned can easily enhance their performance by a great deal. 
2. Traditionally IIT and AIEEE are such exams which we (I mean teachers involved in coaching) also wait eagerly to see what new conceptual question they will ask which we haven't thought and seen yet. Every year you can find  some question which are totally new and these are the questions which decide the rank of the meritorious students. Basically they are the true filters to select the best .These questions are the backbone of these examination systems for which they are highly acclaimed even in the western world. But in an online computer based test running for 20 days or 40 shifts its impossible to frame 40 such great conceptual questions of equal difficulty level.What it means that if you want to maintain the level of paper for 40 different sets you are forced to dilute the difficulty level of  paper as it is easy to frame 40 easy questions of same level.Such a thing will ruin the quality of our prestigious IIT's and NIT's .
3. I prefer traditional pen and paper thing as this I believe has the real thrill of competition where hundreds of your peers come to exam center and all jointly face the paper.This is the real examination I believe where you mental toughness is truly tested.Just think of a 100m race or say a F1 race, will it have the same excitement if each runner is allowed to run one by one. No one will watch and no one can enjoy and even the player looses the motivation.
4. In our country where corruption is so rampant its difficult to conduct a three hour paper fairly.How can you trust the staff involved for fairness in each of the forty sessions and that too in city like Kota???

Last year the number opting for online examination was only 600 and hence they were able to conduct without any technical snag but if the number rises by a great deal I doubt the capabilities of technical system in place.You can't give citation of SAT or GRE as there that is only one stage of admission. There are many other filters there to check the quality of student which aren't there in our proposed system. Even the same is the case for CAT.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Well, a surprise has come out this year in the form of the notification for AIEEE 2012. It is first time that such a large scale examination forms can be filled only online. I personally got shocked to find this as in our country the online process can be quite troublesome for the majoruty of people not tech savy enough .
Well the application can be filled  from 15 Nov to 31 Dec.
I think the cyber cafe owners have some good days ahead. A step in there intrest by the Government :)

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Engineering Entrance Examination Application Forms

This is the question everyone asks "Which exams I should appear in?"
To answer that I will divide entrance exams into different categories:

CATEGORY 1: Mandatory

A) IIT JEE- Online application has already started and last date is 10 December.Offline OMR forms will be available for sale in designated banks from 11 November to 5 December. For details visit
B)AIEEE- Offline selling of forms will start in mid December.For details visit
C) BITSAT-Application are generally filled in Dec-Jan. For exact details visit
D)SLEEE viz RPET, KCET (give only of your respective state)

No need to apply for any other exams 

But if you wish then options in order of preference are

A) ISAT-Candidates can apply on-line only. The on-line application form is available from 10:00 AM on 1st November 2011 to 11:30 PM on 31st December 2011 at the IIST website.

B)VITEEE- For admission in VIT.This year it will be on 21 April 2012. Details of application forms will be on the website from December.

C) MANIPAL University- Last date of application is 10 March.For details

There are also some very good colleges that use merit list of AIEEE/IIT for the admissions but you need to apply seperately.

A) DCE- Delhi college of EngineeringThe Application Form for admission to B.Tech. courses can be downloaded from

B) LNMIIT, Jaipur- Uses merit list of both JEE/AIEEE.
For details see

C)DAIICT, Gandhinagar-Uses AIEEE merit list .
For details see

D) NIRMA University,Ahmedabad- Institute of Technology, Nirma University also takes in admission on basis of AIEEE merit list. Form comes usually after the announcement of AIEEE results.
For details visit

For those who want to opt for Government sector there are two exams conducted by UPSC after XII.

1. NDA: Last date of application is 30 January.Exam is on 15 April.
2 SCRA: An exam that lands you to a nice job in INDIAN RAILWAYS. Great option for those who want a secure and peaceful career. Last date of filling application is 21 November and exam is on 29 January.
For these two refer

Well in case you want to know more about exams and forms do feel free to contact me through your comments on the blog.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Should placement be a criteria for choosing your program of study: Dheeraj Sanghi

Should placement be a criteria for choosing your program of study

Everyone asks details about the placement statistics of colleges and streams. A found a very nice article in this regard on the personal blog of Mr. Dheeraj Sanghi, Professor of CS , IIT  Kanpur whose excerpts are given below.
You can see his page

I have always advised that students and parents should not look at the placement records of different colleges or programs before deciding their choices. And I don't ever say you should not worry about money. I only say that you should not be bothered about placement information.
First of all, placement information is so unreliable, that in most cases it cannot be relied upon. Some colleges will tell you the top salary, which only one student would have got. I The most reliable barometer of the current employability and the economic value of a program, is the median salary of that program. But only if the program has large enough number of students, say at least 40-50, who are interested in taking up a job, and indeed get one. Hardly any institute will give you median salaries.

Second, the placement is only an indication of how a group was valued by those wanted to recruit that sort of talent. The individual differences are lost in the statistics. May be the guys who got good jobs are those who also had good soft skills, something that the program did nothing to add value to. I have no doubt that there is a difference in the market value of different academic programs. But that difference cannot be judged by placement figures, since they get biased by the presence or absence of certain categories of students.

Third, placement data is for last year's batch. You will be graduating 4-5 years from now. What will be the market valuation of your discipline/program, we don't know. Things may change in the interim period. Need to take that into account as well.

Fourth, you are looking at last year's placement data because you want to be rich. Fair enough. But there is no study done looking at the correlation between the first month salary, and the career earnings. If you want to be rich (and why not), you should be looking at a decent living immediately after the graduation, but most importantly, a hefty salary after 30-40 years. Your work life is going to be 50 years. Too bad, but you will be working till the age of 75. (Even today most people retire between 65 and 70 years of age, and with the rapid advances in medical science and technologies, it would be at least 75 for you.) Today's placement data gives you absolutely no indication of what your salary will be 30-40 years from now.
And what I feel is that if so many of our youth at an age where they should be most idealistic are willing to give up their interest and passion for 5 percent, when they grow up and become less idealistic (and more "practical"), would they not be willing to give up a principle or two for 10 percent. Wouldn't such students in an academic institution be willing to do plagiarism, copy an assignment, and cheat in the exam. And what would they be willing to do for 100 percent, just the imagination of it fills me with horror.

I don't think Anna Hazare will be successful.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Counselling Puzzle IIT vs AIEEE vs BITSAT which one to go for??

Hello friends,
In few days all results of engineering entrance examinations will come out and after that
You all will get confused and tensed over which college to go , which branch to opt dilema.
So here's some help from my side to decide a better future for you.
There's always a tradeoff between the department and the college.
I will suggest you to prefer college over department,if the difference isn't very great (say Chemical in good one and Mechanical in other one).But prefer the department in case gap is quite large(say Computer Science in IIT hyderabad and Metallurgy in IIT Bombay). I know some might differ from this opinion.

The confusion b/w whether to go through JEE or AIEEE or BITSAT

Well if you are getting a good Department in BITS Pilani (say score >330 in BITSAT and JEE rank >5000) go for the BITS.Similarly if you can get Computer Science or Electronics in top 5 NIT's go for the NIT's or IIIT Hyderabad.


If you are getting

JEE rank 1-2000 : You have plenty of good options to go for. Try on getting the better IIT(it really feels surprising to write better IIT as all seven one(older) are the gems of our nation).
JEE rank 2000-3500: I will suggest look for a better department in IT BHU or the new IIT's
JEE rank above 3500 and AIEEE rank below 2000 or BITSAT score above 330 - Refer to my advice given above regarding this

AIEEE: Rank 1-5000 Go for IIIT hyderabad or top 5 NITS Comp Sc or ECE
RANK 5000-15000- NIT's, IIIT's Allahabad and Gwalior or may be LNMIIT(Seperate form has to be filled for it. Last date already gone).

Rank 15k-25k. Hope for civil or metallurgy in any NIT. Also fill form of NIRMA Ahmedabad and TIET Patiala. 

For rest of you there are choices like MITS laxmangarah(Girls only), KIIT bhubaneshwar, MGERI Chennai.

Also you can seek admission in some good colleges availble through SLEEE like RPET.
Anyone with BITSAT score above 270 can opt for M.Sc courses in BITS Pilani as they are good.

Monday, May 02, 2011

AIEEE 2011 Rank Predictor And Counselling Helpline

AIEEE 2011 Solutions and Rank Predictor

Going by the reaction of the students, the maths and chemistry were on easier side then the previous year, but physics was tough probably toughest in history of AIEEE .
The probable ranks this time could be as given under:
Predicted Rank


More than 310

For solutions check the link

Also for helping students in selecting the right college as per their marks in competitive exams I am starting a helpline. For students of Ajmer you can visit me @Triumph Academy during institute hours. For others you can call me up by sending me an email first on my emailid: and then fix the appropriate appointment.

NOTE: ALL those students who are getting marks in the range 120-150 should fill up the form of NIRMA universty .

THAPAR UNIVERSITY: Well students expecting rank between 15000-40000 can fill its form. For details check the link

Monday, April 11, 2011

IIT JEE 2011 Solutions and Cutoff

Going by the reaction of the students, the exam was bit simpler then the previous year, also as the number of students have increased the cutoff is expected to rise marginally.
Also don’t worry about the subject wise cutoff, if you have cleared the actual cutoff then your subject wise cutoff should have been cleared because it’s always less then 10 marks per subject.
So here is what the predicted cutoff may be-
Predicted RankMarks
1-500More than 315
In overall we are expecting the cutoff to be around 195-200 marks..

For solutions Click on the links below

Saturday, January 08, 2011


About the Institutes:

The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India has set up 5 Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research (IISER) at Bhopal, Kolkata, Mohali, Pune and Thiruvananthapuram at a cost of Rs. 500 crores each.

They have prescribed three channels for getting admission in them.

1.Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY)
(a) Results expected: End March 2011
(b) IISER application window (Tentative): End April to end May 2011
(c) IISER counseling: First week of July 2011

2.Indian Institute of Technology, Joint Entrance Examination (IIT-JEE) 
(Merit list only) (
(a) Results expected: End May 2011
(b) IISER application window (Tentative): June beginning to end of June 2011
(c) IISER counseling: First week of July 2011

3.Direct Admission
(a) School Boards results expected: Mid June 2011
(b) IISER application window (Tentative): Mid June to first week of July 2011
(c) IISER counseling: Third week of July 2011
For all 3 channels, registration is within first week of August 2011. 

* 5 year BS-MS dual degree with major in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. IISER Kolkata offers major in Earth sciences also.
* Ph.D. degree in all frontier areas of Science and Mathematics
* Integrated Ph.D. program for students after B.Sc. (only at IISER Kolkata, coming up in other IISERs)
 The intake of students in 2011
Each IISER: 100. Total : 500
KVPY Maximum : 125
IIT-JEE Maximum : 125
Direct : 500 Minus (Total number admitted through KVPY and JEE)
You need to apply separately for each channel

Application is only online.
Check IISER admission website between mid May to end of June 2011. 

For Direct admission you have to give one aptitude test consisting of only one paper of maximum 2 hours with equal weightage for Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.      


Friday, January 07, 2011

CBSE Datesheet 2011

1 March, Tuesday                                   PHYSICS
7 March, Monday                                   CHEMISTRY
11 March, Friday                                    ENGLISH CORE
14 March, Monday                                 BIOLOGY
16 March, Wednesday                            Economics
22 March, Tuesday                                 MATHEMATICS
28 March, Monday                                 PHYSICAL EDUCATION
30 March, Wednesday                            INFORMATICS PRAC./COMPUTER SCIENCE

All the Best!!!!!!!!