Saturday, November 19, 2011

Khichdi of offline & online mode will ruin the AIEEE

Still I can't digest this mixing of online and offline mode for AIEEE by CBSE. Some fundamental questions I have in mind against this are stated as under
1.How can they come to a common merit list for students who have gave different papers consisting of different questions.?
Take for instance the students who got online date beyond 20 May, by the time they will give examination they have seen what was there in offline paper and what was there in online content also. In a way they can easily figure out what to expect in their paper and if carefully planned can easily enhance their performance by a great deal. 
2. Traditionally IIT and AIEEE are such exams which we (I mean teachers involved in coaching) also wait eagerly to see what new conceptual question they will ask which we haven't thought and seen yet. Every year you can find  some question which are totally new and these are the questions which decide the rank of the meritorious students. Basically they are the true filters to select the best .These questions are the backbone of these examination systems for which they are highly acclaimed even in the western world. But in an online computer based test running for 20 days or 40 shifts its impossible to frame 40 such great conceptual questions of equal difficulty level.What it means that if you want to maintain the level of paper for 40 different sets you are forced to dilute the difficulty level of  paper as it is easy to frame 40 easy questions of same level.Such a thing will ruin the quality of our prestigious IIT's and NIT's .
3. I prefer traditional pen and paper thing as this I believe has the real thrill of competition where hundreds of your peers come to exam center and all jointly face the paper.This is the real examination I believe where you mental toughness is truly tested.Just think of a 100m race or say a F1 race, will it have the same excitement if each runner is allowed to run one by one. No one will watch and no one can enjoy and even the player looses the motivation.
4. In our country where corruption is so rampant its difficult to conduct a three hour paper fairly.How can you trust the staff involved for fairness in each of the forty sessions and that too in city like Kota???

Last year the number opting for online examination was only 600 and hence they were able to conduct without any technical snag but if the number rises by a great deal I doubt the capabilities of technical system in place.You can't give citation of SAT or GRE as there that is only one stage of admission. There are many other filters there to check the quality of student which aren't there in our proposed system. Even the same is the case for CAT.


  1. Anonymous7:19 PM

    Dat means we should go for online mode of exams only isnt it?

  2. This can't be answered in yes or no. If you are fully prepared and sure of yourself better give it offline. In case you feel some time can help you strengthen your preparation and if you are tech savvy with a balanced head on your shoulders go for online mode.
    All the best !!!

  3. Anonymous7:26 PM

    sir do we need a black & white photo to paste on eee confirmation page or any photo will work

  4. They say preferably black and whte so better paste a black and white photo with your name and date of photograph wriiten on it

  5. Anonymous6:38 PM

    sir, i am unable to access the online mock test for aieee. they are asking me for password, but which password....tat i dont know...please help me out sir.....!

  6. When you start application on welcome student screen password is written on top in centre

  7. Anonymous10:22 AM

    where will i get this welcome student screen..........on eee website?

  8. Anonymous11:38 PM

    I totally agree with you sir on this topic