Saturday, February 10, 2018


CBSE class XII board examinations will be starting pretty soon and the PHYSICS paper will be held on March 7, 2018, just a day after English exam. Hence this year students will be getting very less time for revision then.

So in this special series designed to help you to prepare and score better in the Examinations, we are taking up the topic "How to prepare for Physics paper".

Students often get stressed about learning derivations and what to write, how much to write  in a given question. The problem gets aggravated because of so called preparation books which almost write complete chapter as suggested answers. To help you I am giving some suggestions based on my experiences.

 Know the Pattern

All of you must have appeared for half yearly and pre-board examinations and most likely you are now aware of the pattern of the paper. To just be sure check the blue print and latest sample paper first. You can check them here

Identify all the derivations and devices 

Just by looking down the syllabus and NCERT books first identify all the derivations and devices (like moving coil galvanometer, cyclotron, transistor as  amplifier,etc ) whose working you need to remember. Just make notes of these topics making sure that you write only that much which is sufficient and can be written within the given time.To help you in how much to write just look at the marking schemes provided on CBSE website where each and every required details are listed out. You can  check the suggested marking schemes of previous year papers here.
This will give you tremendous confidence.

Don't write extra

Because of preparing and learning too much students tens to overwrite the answers giving unnecessary details and making answers lengthier and as a result fails to complete the paper. Many of my students have done this fault in past, so please don't write extra other than required.
For 1 mark: just write one word(if that's only asked) or 2-3 lines at max
For 2 marks: 3-4 lines at max
For 3 Marks- not more than half a page unless diagrams are involved.
For 5 Marks: 1 Page around but please check marking schemes to get an idea that what key points must be covered(Better to answer part wise and in points)

All diagrams must be drawn neatly and properly labelled.
For solving numericals please write the steps properly.Try to avoid shortcuts learnt for objective competitive examinations.

Go through Previous year papers

Go through at-least last three year papers as well as last year's compartment paper and try atleat one of them as mock test within time limit.

Lastly , I will advice that never start paper from Section E (5 Marks) , because students tend to write extra and devotes more time in order to have those full 5.

Good Luck!!!