Saturday, May 05, 2012

Thanks to everyone

I am really thankful to you all for making this blog such a popular. Thanks Almighty I have been writing this for last  3years or so but this time my efforts have really been noticed and appreciated. Thanks again.
Its a pleasure to help you through my posts and suggestions.I know what you all feel at this important junction of your career. I myself has passed through such situations and hence I always try to help you at this important moment. This  time is really crucial when you have to decide about branch and college because most of us don't have good Idea about it and in market there are lot of RAICHANDS giving free advice most of whom have had no connection in their life with such a process or engineering.I always try to help you in the best possible manner and in an unbiased way because that honesty is paying me dividends and I promise to maintain this quality right throughout.

Thanks a lot!!!
I'll try continuing the good work with your support and appreciation.

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