Friday, April 12, 2013

Mission IIT : Rethink about your school board before getting admission in class XI

So you have just appeared X examinations and now preparing(or have given) for entserance cum scholarship exams of different coaching institute to get yourself rolling on the path leading to IITs.
Keeping in mind the new JEE admission into IITs is not that a concern but if you lack a bit then NITs are also a good option.So keeping this in mind that admission into NITs will have 40% weightage to normalised class XII marks. As Mr. Dheeraj Sanghi points out in one of his posts
"But a much worse situation is in NIT admission where the two students with the same academic preparation will be at different relative level if they are in two different boards, and will get different normalized marks. The student in the better board will be at a lower relative level within his/her board, and hence will get lower normalized marks and hence would be strongly discriminated against in the admissions to NITs.

If we accept all this, and if this is indeed what is going to continue in 2014 and beyond, then it makes sense for the parents to put their wards in schools which are affiliated to the boards where students have had poorer academic preparation. In particular, this implies that it would be beneficial to join a state board over CBSE for most states. (I am not aware of any state board whose students perform better than students from CBSE schools in various competitive and other independent exams.)

So it would be a better decision to take admission in a board which comprises mainly of rural and government schools so that you can have a better percentile for similar performance. Say in rajasthan it would be prudent to take admission in a RBSE school then a CBSE one.
It sounds absurd first but if you think and analyze it can be  a helpful step into shaping your career.


  1. Anonymous9:28 PM

    sir,i am getting 130 marks in mains and have got 95% in cbse boards and belonging to sc category.what would be my rank and which collage would i get.

    1. You will get the best possible nit congratulations

  2. roshan kumar3:18 PM

    sir i got 77 marks in jee main(obc) and in cbse 72% is there any chances for nit ........... or nsit,delhi

  3. Anonymous1:45 PM

    I am expecting 242 marks in jee main ,and nothing below 90% in cbse board.
    what will my rank and can I get a seat in nit surathkal.
    I belong to Karnataka.I fall in the OBC category.
    Pl reply sir.