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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Normalization: A Scary experiment

Well to all those who still don't have any idea about what this normalization is I advice just to read the comments on this post of Prof. Sanghi.
I am not a statistics expert but I feel the statisticians are not just playing with stats they are playing with careers of students who never ever in distant dream would have thought of this butcher like normalization process to suddenly appear as a gigantic monster standing between them and a premier engineering seat of NITs/IIITs. I am still not sure what exact effects it will have on final merit list of JEE MAIN but what I have found yet is very scary. A slight less though still good say 85% in CBSE Board is even threatening someone 's rightfully seat say the person scores 250 in JEE MAIN.
85% in cbse will be roghly 90-92 percentile which when mapped to JEE MAIN distribution curve would be say 130 marks . So effective score would be like 0.6*250+0.4*0.5(130+140)=204 marks.
I am not sure now what would be his ranking which like in2012 would have been around 5-6k.
Will right more as I get myself equipped with true stats.


  1. sir i m getting 146 marks. 82 percent in board exams. passed class 12th in 2012.
    suggest me any good college if any as a backup.
    i belong to obc category...

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  3. Anonymous2:11 PM

    sir i got 184 and 80% in cbse is there any chance of geting iiit albad ...

  4. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Sir I have got 151 in jee main and 94% in class 12th boards.what will be my expected rank and can I get dtu or nsit? I am delhi gen candidate.

    1. May be but top streams are unlikely.

  5. Anonymous10:58 PM

    Sir, I am getting 171 in Jee Advanced, 321 in BITSAT, 242 in JEE Mains and 94.6% in CBSE Results. Please guide me. I am primarily interested in IITs and BITS.

    1. Guwahati might give you options otherwise go for integrated at pilani

  6. Jee mains: 197
    CBSE Board: 86.6 (2012)
    BITSAT: 279

    What range of rank can i expect in jee mains. and what are my best options as i screwed my jee advanced(only 142 score)..Please help me!

  7. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Hello sir!! I have been shortlisted for ECE in a PVT collge..uughh i just want to know the course, the curriculam of ECE and how much of phy n maths will be needed?? i mean i hope its not lyk cbse ... i know nothing's gonna be easy frm now..but i want to be clear abt wat m be sure that ill be able to do engeneering.....or else ill hv to do eco hons frm Jamia...Pls help sir!!