Friday, February 28, 2014


Central Board of Secondary Education has asked all its affiliated schools through a circular to ban running of coaching institutions inside the school premises that claim to prepare students for entrance examinations like the Joint Entrance Examination All India Entrance Examination for admission to the IITs or other engineering colleges or National Eligibility Test for medical colleges .
Criticizing the practice as a commercial activity and a 'malpractice' the circular from CBSE secretary Joseph Immanuel said on not complying to the instructions mentioned in the circular that is a condition stipulated in CBSE's affiliation bylaws, the board is liable to take actions against the school.
"No coaching classes or parallel classes should be run in the school that consumes and affects the regular timetable of the school or that [affects] the focus of students on the regular course of study," said the circular.
The move however has attained mixed reaction. Where some students and their guardian find the practice a help as it saves their time in finding an alternative coaching center, others find the move by the board progressive as students not enrolled with the coaching centre face inequality in receiving learning.
Schools running coaching institutes often add it as its selling point helping them to hike fee structure irrationally. Some of these schools charge as much as Rs 4 lakh to 6 lakh for the courses they conduct as a package from Classes 8 to 12.
My Viewpoint: Well I welcome this move as such programs are basically promoting commercial interests instead of serving the students. 

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  1. dear sir
    I too agree with you
    This practise causes the deep divide among students within the campus of the school
    There is exodus of students to those schools who has this integrated programme
    also finally this helps the school not even having subject teachers on their own
    The coaching class will finally turnout students like broiler chickens