Thursday, April 10, 2014

Students found online paper easier than written one

JEE (Mains)2014 first day online mode exam that was conducted on April 9 brought smiles for aspirants. Students found the computer based exam much easier than the offline exam that was held on April 6.
Chemistry and Mathematics papers had no much tricky questions and physics was a tad simpler according to the examinees.
Around 1.72 lakh candidates had appeared for the first day of JEE Main 2014 online examination. Three more online tests will be held on April 11, 12 and 19.
Students even found direct questions from NCERT test books of CBSE board and common questions from previous year question bank. Physics question paper that lengthier and difficult in the written test was comparatively easier in the computer-based exam
Many candidates who took the exam in the online mode found the version better than written examination as the students do not have to bother shading the correct options properly to be considered as their answer.
Many a times students mix up with the OMR sheet and then blacken the wrong option or do improper shading and loose mark unreasonably.
The answer keys will be published at the official website on April 25 and results are expected to be be announced on May 3 after which the top 1.5 lakh students will take the JEE Advanced on May 25 to seek entry in the IITs.
The Board will declare the All India ranks tentatively on July 7 and the students can get hold of their rank cards, the day onwards.
Students who get selected for JEE Advanced have to register their names from May 3 to 9. JEE Advanced exam will be held on May 25.  Results will be announced on June 19.  Architecture aptitude test will be held on June 26 and results are scheduled to be released on June 29.
JEE Mains is conducted to provide admissions to undergraduate engineering programmes in NITs, IIITs and other centrally funded technical institutions in India.


  1. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Sir, I am getting 134 in Mains & 80% in RBSE. Will I get MANIT Mech. ??
    Category - SC.

  2. sir i got 141 in jee main and 90% in cbse i get cse in any nit or iiit?plz reply asap

    1. sir...can i get any nit or iiit...any branch would do..plz reply asap..thnx

    2. Wait for results then.

  3. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Sir, I've got 160 marks in JEE MAINS (category-general) and 93% in class 12 in CBSE board.My home state is Rajasthan.What would be my AIR ? Can I get admission into the NIT's. If yes,please mention specifically...

  4. sir i m a repeater my last years board component was 148.75,this year my jee main score is 196 , from this my normalised score will become 178 =ie(.4*148.75)+(.6*196)
    what should be rank if my final score is 178.(general category)

  5. shatdru6:54 PM

    sir i get 141 in mains and 90% in cbse board ?what will be my predicted rank.