Tuesday, January 13, 2015


As per the information available on official website the students can
make correction in the particular and if intimated should also remove
image discrepancies.

Image Discrepancy :
The images uploaded by the candidates in their application form are being
verified by the CBSE and in case of any discrepancy in the image(s), the SMS
 and e-mail is being sent to the candidates to re-upload the image(s).
 This process may take about one month so the candidates should wait
 for SMS/e-mail. If no discrepancy is found in the images, no SMS/e-mail
 will be sent to the candidates.

Correction in Particulars
The facility for correction in particulars of the application form, regarding the
 mistakes committed by the candidates, will be available on the website during
  19 - 31st January, 2015. This is the last and final chance for correction so
 candidates should do the correction, only if required, very carefully.

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