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Sunday, April 23, 2017

NEET 2017: Last 14 Days Preparation Strategy

NEET 2017 is scheduled on 7 May. Students who aspire to become doctors are already into the last phase of their preparation.The last stage of preparation is the crucial juncture and it can make or break your performance in the exam.  Below are the few suggested guidelines from my side for your help:

1. Previous year papers: Well instead of trying the available mock tests of famous institutes or books it is wise to practice the previous year papers of actual AIPMT/NEET. Just try to attempt last five years paper in real test environment. Even you needn't attempt all papers if you have time crunch.This will help you in getting a feel of the examination, what to expect, how much to attempt, how not to waste time.

2. Identifying Your Scoring Areas(Crack the Biology Part): After practicing these papers you should have an idea about which topics you can and should focus to score marks.
Frankly speaking you don't have much time now to build up confidence over a topic which you have hardly studied till now so smartness suggests that instead of working on your weaknesses it is more wiser to work on strengths. Remember there's no sectional cutoff .Most of the students try to focus too much on Physics since they find it the most tough. If you are not scoring more than 100 in mock tests in physics, its better to give more time to biology and chemistry. Scoring 300 in biology is far easier than scoring 120 in Physics for such students

3. Work on Speed and Accuracy: NEET requires you to answer 180 questions in 180 minutes. So unlike JEE speed here is far more important. Plus you get penalized for incorrect answers so speed with accuracy is utmost needed to crack this exam. So in these last days always keep a watch on the clock while practicing questions. Don't get stuck on a question, if you don't know or can't sove it in a minute, leave that and move on. There is no negative marking for leaving a question.

4. Positive Attitude and Self Belief: Irrespective of how much you have studied and prepared till now, you have to maintain a positive attitude because worrying too much about what you haven't done won't improve your performance. 
Mostly XII appearing students because of Board examinations feel themselves not connected with objective pattern and many negative thoughts starts creeping in. Avoid all such negative thoughts and just believe in yourself. Remember these magical words "I CAN AND I WILL".


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