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Sunday, May 07, 2017


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Physics Analysis
Paper was overall a balanced paper with almost equal number of questions from class XI (22/45)and XII (23/45)Syllabus.The paper had questions involving rigorous calculations. 
The above chart shows the break up of marks in terms of easy, medium and difficult.
In Code A , two questions Q.No. 8 and 26 had errors and none of the given options are correct.
In Q.No. 18 two options were same and both were correct.
In Q.No. 3 the ratio asked should have been the inverse of what was actually asked.
Chemistry was less calculative and more conceptual. Some questions specially in organic were way beyond the NCERT syllabus students study. Here 29/45 were from XII and 16/45 were from XI class syllabus. In terms of easy, medium and difficult the breakup is as shown below

This was perhaps the easiest one and we expect students to score very well here. Paper was NCERT based though some questions were out of NCERT . Here 39/90 were from XII and 51/90 were from XI class syllabus.

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