Wednesday, August 12, 2015

CSAB: Making a mess of Admission Process

With the revised criterion now all students are eligible to participate in the special round and as per the schedule the academic calendar of all institutes will get a one month setback.
The two important worries I have are listed below:
1.Mental and Emotional: Due to various biases most of the students are almost not happy for not getting the desired bets branch and it takes a toll on  them and their parents. After joining they get normal within a week or two by settling in new college and hostel. For such students again they have to scratch their heads to again put up a list of choices and again the vicious cycle starts involving sleepless nights for them and parents.
If many seats still remain vacant then again we are going to have this one month extension???
Can CSAB officials are sure that no vacancies will be left?
Even if it is what impact it will have on other govt and private colleges who will see there students flown to some NIT/IIIT. What they will do?
The cascading effects are too much to be ignored.
2.Financial Loss: The revised information brochure says
In case Candidates are moving from one Institute to another Institute, CSAB is not responsible for Hostel fees or any other fees paid at the present Institute.

If you are not who will bear the responsibility? The student !!!


  1. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Sir, if a student pays the commitment fee and he gets a seat but do not report at the respective centre, will he be elligible for JEE 2016?

  2. I just want a clarification on the said Business rules, as in How my preferences/order,etc are gonna impact my allotment. Also my rank is 27628, Do I stand a chance to get admitted to one of the better NITs in the special round? Please reply asap, would really appreciate it!

  3. Respected sir
    its my humble request to write an email to csab about the cons of special round.sir pls write an email about fees refunded back to students to csab. All these body's are making fun of students firstly the announcement of result then hilarious counselling procedure then this special round .my question is why fees is not refunded back? I have sent 8-10 emails but there is no reply as of are making fun students by saying that its is govt. Institute we cannot return the money back to you.josaa has to issue some guidelines now they are playing blame game
    sir you are an expert, may if you write an they can understand the difficult's faced by students
    thank you sir

    1. Sandeep I can understand your emotions.Write email not to institute but to MHRD or directly request Smriti Ji on her email or twitter handle.