Thursday, August 13, 2015

Special Round: CSAB modifies rules

 In a move to fill up 5,550 vacant seats in NITs, IITs and other government-funded technical institutions (GFTIs), and to give a 'fair' chance to meritorious students, the Central Seat Allocation Board (CSAB) on Wednesday extended the deadline for an additional special round till August 17. 

While earlier only students not allotted a seat in the joint allocation process were allowed to register, the CSAB is now allowing all who have JEE (Main) ranks and are without seats to apply. Many parents and students alleged that allowing students who have already been given a chance is unfair to the others. 

The CSAB on August 7 announced the conduct of an additional special round to fill vacant seats in the central institutes, of the 23,919 seats. Of the 5,550 seats vacant, around 3,100 are in NITs alone; some are in sought-after institutes, such as in Surathkal, Warangal and Patna. While most seats are vacant in unpopular courses, many in popular ones, such as computer science and engineering, mechanical, electrical and civil are also empty, which is the bone of contention for many aspirants. The August 11 deadline for admissions through the additional round has been extended to August 17. 

NIT-Patna director and CSAB chairman Asok De said the board had received nearly 10,000 applications in the three-day window for the special round initially. "We have been getting requests from groups of students. Some claimed that they have missed out on a seat as they were unaware of business rules in the first-time joint process," he said. Since there are requests from students, De said the centre decided to open the additional round for all. "There is no harm if admissions are done on the basis of merit and all students get a chance," he added. 

But parents are up in arms against the board for allowing students who have got one chance to secure their seats. CSAB's Facebook page was flooded with students crying foul over the revised rules updated on Tuesday night. "They cannot change rules so many times. When in the beginning they said that students who have not locked their seats will not get another chance, what is the point in opening the admission process to all now?" asked a parent. Another said, "Students who may have willingly not taken the seat before will block the seat again for students who were genuinely not allotted one in the joint admission rounds. It is unfair and unethical." 

Source: TOI

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