Thursday, April 14, 2016


JEE MAIN Examination is over now and now you have about 35 days to gear up for the most prestigious engineering entrance examination i.e. for JEE ADVANCED. I hope you all must have done well in JEE MAIN and now you all must be focused towards JEE ADVANCED examination.

Below are the few suggested guidelines from my side for your help:
1. Previous year papers: Well instead of trying the available mock tests of famous institutes or books it is wise to practice the previous year papers of actual JEE ADVANCED. Just collect last three to five years papers(even available on official JEE ADVANCED site) and try to attempt them like the actual examination. Even you needn't attempt all papers if you have time crunch.This will help you in getting a feel of the examination, what to expect, how much to attempt, how not to waste time.For those who are studying in a specialized institute don't miss last few mock tests conducted by your institute.

2. Identifying Your Scoring Areas: After practicing these papers you should have an idea about which topics you can and should focus to score marks. Roughly the three subjects have 90 odd chapters and you can easily leave 10-15 chapters without hurting your performance. Also read the instructions on papers clearly, see where negative marking is applicable and where it is not. Try to solve single option correct and Integer type questions first.

3. Work on Strengths: Frankly speaking you don't have much time now to build up confidence over a topic which you have hardly studied till now so smartness suggests that instead of working on your weaknesses it is more wiser to work on strengths.But remember there's a sectional cutoff here, so make sure your weakest link in all subjects should be strong enough to clear that cutoff. But for aggregate score to be higher you need to score very well at least in one of the subjects.

4. Positive Attitude and Self Belief: Irrespective of how much you have studied and prepared till now, you have to maintain a positive attitude because worrying too much about what you haven't done won't improve your performance. Remember JEE ADVANCED in not a very high scoring exam and here you can cross the line even by attempting half of the questions sensibly. The bravery is not in attempting all questions, sensible candidate must select the questions which are in his range and devote maximum time only on those questions which are going to fetch you marks.

I want to share suggestion from one of my successful student regarding JEE ADVANCED

"I think the best strategy in JEE Advanced is to forget the pressure and immerse yourself into these three beautiful subjects and try to enjoy the paper (it is very difficult to keep nerves). Another important thing is that you completely forget what has happened in the first paper and start paper 2 freshly. I believe that discussing paper in the break does more harm than good."

So avoid all  negative thoughts and just believe in yourself. Remember these magical words "I CAN AND I WILL"


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