Wednesday, April 18, 2012

AIEEE 2012: What To Do and What Not To Do

The Eleventh All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) is going to be held on 29 April'2012(Offline Mode).To help you in how to gear up yourself in last ten days I have written below three important tips and tricks to succeed in AIEEE.

  • REVIEW NCERT TEXTBOOKS: You must thoroughly review the NCERT Text books especially Class XII ones.
  • EXTRA EFFORT FOR NON JEE TOPICS : In all three subjects there are portion of syllabus uncommon with JEE syllabus and questions do come from them. In Physics take care of Semiconductors and communication, Carnot engine, Magnetism and experiments section.In chemistry put emphasis in bio molecules, polymers, Surface chemistry. In maths do study Reasoning, Mathematical logic and statistics.
  • SOLVE PREVIOUS YEAR PAPERS AND TRY TO IDENTIFY THE FINEPRINTS: Now when you solve papers especially of 2007-11 you will see that there are always some questions in physics and mathematics which are really tough and sometimes out of normal league. But on an average in every subject you will definitely find 15-20 questions which are either direct facts or direct applications that an average student can solve. So trick to succeed is the right identification or selection of such questions. 
Remember scoring marks >50% puts you in driver seat where you have chance of getting admission into NIT or IIIT.This is not that tough a task given you attempt the paper smartly and picks the right questions and solve them correctly. Though its not right to suggest how much to score in a particular subject but for most of you ideal scenario is to get 50-60% marks in physics,60-75%in chemistry and 40-50% in Mathematics.

Well that was from my side. I hope that this may help you in your AIEEE.


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