Thursday, July 09, 2015

IIT Bombay: The Topper's Choice

Yet again, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay has retained its position as the most preferred destination among the top ranking candidates of the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Advanced. After the first round of seat allotment this year, figures revealed that 65 of the top 100, considered to be the elite, have been allotted seats at IIT Bombay.
This was followed by IIT Delhi, where 30 of the top 100 have opted for a seat. Further, while IIT Madras has three, IIT Kanpur has two of the top 100 rankers.
The oldest IIT — IIT Kharagpur — did not receive a single student from the top 100 this year. Even IIT Roorkee and Guwahati failed to get a single student from the top slots.
The trend has been consistent since 2005 when 52 of the top 100 rankers went to IIT Bombay; the number stood at 58 last year. Out of 1,24,741 candidates who had registered for JEE-Advanced this year, 1,17,238 appeared for the exam and 26,456 qualified. Across all IITs, 10,006 seats are available this year.
Several years ago, IIT Kanpur used to be the first choice of top rankers. But analysis of students’ choices in the last 10 years shows that IIT Bombay followed by IIT Delhi are the most sought after now. IIT Kanpur’s popularity among top scorers have dipped steadily — from 17 among the top 100 in 2005 to zero in 2013 and two this year. And while old favourites like Kanpur and Madras have slipped the preference list, Guwahati and Roorkee have failed to get even one among the first 100 in a decade; IIT Kharagpur had three in 2005 and one in 2007. Further, since their inception, the newer IITs have not been able to attract any from among the top 100.
Among the top 500 candidates too, IIT Bombay is a clear winner with 177 candidates, followed by 119 in IIT Delhi, 75 in IIT Kanpur, 52 in IIT Madras, 51 at IIT Kharagpur, 23 at IIT Roorkee and one in IIT Guwahati. Further, figures show that among the top 1000, 273 have been allotted seats at IIT Bombay, followed by 194 at IIT Delhi, 172 at Kanpur, 107 at Kharagpur, 103 at Madras, 46 at Roorkee and 43 at Guwahati. IIT (BHU) and IIT Hyderabad have also managed to get 38 and 20 respectively among top 1000.
A senior faculty member from IIT Bombay said that multiple factors including broad-based education with a flexible curriculum, recognition of the institute globally as a brand, location in the financial capital, career opportunities, research avenues and industry links are responsible for IIT Bombay’s popularity among students and why it has consistently remained the first choice. An active campus life and the overall ambience, according to students, have also contributed to IIT Bombay’s increasing popularity, including popular festivals like “Techfest” and “Mood Indigo”.
Source: Indian Express

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