Friday, July 31, 2015

JoSAA: Spot Round Decision to be taken tomorrow

Decision about vacant seat in NITs, IIITs and GFTIs will be taken in the meeting of JoSAA which is scheduled on 1st August 2015. Interested candidates may visit JoSAA web site ( web site ( after 1st August 2015

This is the message appearing on JoSAA site.

As Per news report in TOI
A total of 184 seats remain vacant after the last round of admission in the NITs/IIITs and 18 other government-funded technical institutes. While admissions have come to a close, authorities will soon decide whether to have a round of spot admissions at individual institutes or close the admission process. 

Several students have written to the JoSAA to surrender their seats and demanded their acceptance fee of Rs 45,000 be refunded, but the authorities have, so far, remained silent on their pleas. According to the rules, a student who accepts a seat has to pay a fee for the same. Later, if the student gets a better option elsewhere and pulls out of the admission process, the fee is not refunded. 

"We do have some seats that are vacant because students did not report to the institute. We plan on discussing the matter on refund of acceptance fees as well as having a round of spot admissions," said a source. 

Meanwhile, students said they were looking at the option of taking legal recourse if their fees were not refunded. "The sum we have paid is not petty change. Why then must they not refund it? The authorities can cut some administrative costs and refund the rest," said a parent.

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