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Friday, July 10, 2015

JEE (M) ranks soar post revised Class XII scores

Several students whose Class XII scores increased after re-evaluation, have found their JEE (Main) ranks rise by a few hundred and, in some cases, even thousands.
Although CBSE did not make any official announcement for the revised rank list on their official website, several students could see their new ranks on it on Friday.
The Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) said meritorious students will get seats of their choice according to revised ranks, provided they have filled their choices in a decreasing order of preferences.
Several students, though, said a revision now does not mean much. One said it is unfair as they have filled their choices online according to their original ranks and the first round of seat allotment is already over. And students will not get a second chance to fill choices.
One student said CBSE should have taken into account revised scores before coming up with JEE (Main) rank lists.
A JoSAA official said, "There is a provision of supernumerary seats in NITs for students whose ranks rise after re-evaluation. Revised ranks will be considered and students will get a seat in the institutes they desire according to their new ranks, provided they have filled their choices in a decreasing order of preferences. They should have considered the possibility of a rise in ranks."
M Goel, who had secured 1,833 rank in JEE (Main), saw it jump to 536 after revision of his Class XII marks. Though his first choice was Computer Science (CS), Goel may not get a CS seat in any top NIT now. "With 1,833, I would not have been eligible for any. But now, with the 536th rank, I would have managed a seat in NITs in Warangal, Surathkal or Trichy. But I have filled in my choices on the basis of my original rank," said Goel. In the first round of allotment, announced on June 7, he secured a seat in Material Science and Metallurgy at IIT-Bombay with JEE (Advanced) rank, which he will take..
Another student, A Gangwal, saw her rank jump from 17,441 to 9,750. She hopes to get a better seat after the revision.
SOURCE: Times of India

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