Sunday, July 05, 2015

JEE MAIN: Confusion continues, new revised ranking on 8 July

Careers of thousands of students who took JEE (Main) exams this year are at stake with the complete breakdown of coordination between the CBSE and the Joint Seat Allocation Authority for Admissions (JOSSA) to IITs, NITs and IIITs.
In a shocker today, JOSSA website said the CBSE had on July 4 (i.e. today) published a revised JEE (Main) rank list after considering students’ re-evaluated marks and all such students must fill their forms for counseling by July 5. No such rankings have, however, been released by the CBSE, which said in a statement today that it would release the revised list on July 8. JOSSA’s final admission schedules for 2015 clearly say the first round of seat allocation would be over by July 7 and between July 8 and 12, the first round of seat acceptance by students would also conclude.
A notice on JOSSA’s website today read: “CBSE has published revised ranks of JEE (Main) 2015 today (04-07-2015) for candidates whose Class XII marks are revised. These candidates are advised to visit JOSAA portal and fill their choices accordingly by 5th July 2015.” 
But a CBSE statement, released today, said: “The board has decided to issue a revised list on 8th July 2015 … as requested by the joint seat allocation authorities for admissions now.”
What’s worse, the CBSE today sought to blame students and state boards for not sending updated marks (re-verified and re-evaluated) in time. The CBSE has been in the dock for publishing the first JEE (Main) rankings without considering the revised marks of thousands of candidates. Today the board said the July 1 rankings had considered the marks of students who had “updated their scores by June 27”. However, students said the CBSE website this year had no provision for updating scores by students. 
Also, the CBSE is conveniently blaming students and state boards for delaying the updated marks list of Class XII when its own regional offices are yet to send the updated lists to the CBSE headquarters.
Hundreds of students who dropped one year to improve their Class XII scores are affected by the CBSE’s haste to publish JEE rankings this year. Many of them alleged that the July 1 list contained their ranking based on 2014 school scores.

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  1. Anonymous11:17 PM

    CBSE is going to announce revised jee rank list on 8th july. This is so
    unfair as we have filled choices according to our
    ranks. is there a chance of major rank shift of mine(23530)?